Who and What is IMPArts?

Well, IMPArts is me, Islay Mulcahy. I am a mixed media artist, a former caregiver, a former para-educator, a mother of two great adults, the wife of a wonderful man who recently built a small art studio in our yard for me! (He calls it his ‘get out of jail free card!’) I am also the minion of two cats, my immediate overseer, Moopie, a small calico, and the Lord of the Manor, Lelo, a Maine Coon.

I love having interactions with other artists and so I have joined several groups: The Art 5 Academy (love the DLP!), Jennibellies’ Journal Workshop, and ATC’s For All, too name a few. I am also pleased and honored to call some amazing artists friends, France Papillon, Aaron Blazevich (Imperfect Impulses), Shannon Green, Aaron Hopkins, Garreth Barrett, Eric Brown, are among the the stars.

Why mixed media? I love surprises! I love to experiment. And sometimes, I just can’t make up my mind what I want to play with. Show me new (or old) techniques, a new spin on an old method, a way to make my own supplies and I’m delighted! Mixed media offers me a freedom I don’t feel when using only one type of media. With mixed media, there are no rules!

I often get lost in my work/play for hours on end, completely losing touch with reality, as I soar off into worlds unknown.

In the spring, I am hoping to get my YouTube channel up and start uploading videos of my art. With any luck, you will be seeing me then.


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