The Day after Christmas and the Rush is On!

In a few minutes, I will be out in my studio, rushing to finish up my DLP2015 (I am woefully behind) so I can clear space to work on my 2016 projects. I have lots of plans, but lots to do before I can start. One thing I need to do tonight, is to create a page here for my DLP2015, and another for my DLP2016.

I am hoping to start, early in 2016, a challenge exchange with artist Aaron Blazevich (Imperfect Impulses on YouTube). I think this will be a fun way we can motivate and inspire each other.

Also, I hope to start putting up some videos starting in the spring of 2016. Aaron, as well as some others have been encouraging me in this direction. The most difficult part, for me, will be getting past my awful stage fright. Wish me luck.

Well, I have delayed long enough. I need to get to it, if I want to get any of this done.

I hope that everyone has had a joyous and meaning-filled holiday, and that your hearts are filled with love for the coming year!


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