DLP: 2016 the UN-Planner: January – Week 1

Here are the photos of my interpretation of the UN-Planner.  As some of you know I didn’t purchase the kit, but instead made my own binders from vinyl place mats. This is working out pretty well for me, and I am still tweaking it to get it just right.

As for the insides, even though I downloaded the files, I don’t have the budget to print them out. So, again, I am making my own. I used embossed card stock, in black, brown, kraft, white, turquoise, and purple for my monthly dividers. Using the luscious card stock from Prima: Timeless Memories, A4 Paper Pad, I made my monthly calendar pages (which are fold-outs) and my weekly views. To save space, I put the Dare2B’s on the back of my calendar fold-outs and my List Ten’s on the back of the first week view of each month. I haven’t decided, yet, what will go on the back of the other weekly views.

I have been decorating my own hole reinforcers to blend with the papers I’m using. To do this, I am using Gelatos, blending the colors with a make-up sponge (loving my Gelatos!) and then heat setting them. I may do something a little more adventurous later on.

For the PAC’s, I am using gesso coated playing cards. I also cut up parchment paper roll boxes and aluminum foil roll boxes into 2″x2″ pieces and coated them with gesso to use as my tidbits.

The tags are a mix of store bought, die-cut and hand cut from colored card stock.

On the back of the monthly calendar pages (not the fold outs), I glued a legal sized envelope (cut in half & colored with Gelatos) on which I adhered a square of decorative paper, with my favorite tidbit for the month attached.

In between the weekly views I have one-sided decorative pages, the backs of which I have coated with, you guessed it, gesso, ready for me to do some art. The pocket page protectors, I am still using as holders for my ‘items-in-waiting’, like the tags I made, bought and die-cut, tidbits, PAC’s, etc.

So, without further ado, here are the photos for January (so far, I will add more as the month progresses).

JANUARY 2016: Going out an a limb. Try something new.

Week 1: Incorporate 16 into our art.

My 2 binders + some of my favorite suppliesJanuary DividerBack of January calendar with pocket holding loose lists on deco paperDare2BJanuary month viewJanuary + Week 1Journaling TagInside journaling tagBack of tag + BookmarkBookmark onePAC-week oneWIP-trying something new- painting on magazine collage.


January: A Snail with Wings

A snail with wings? Let me explain…January is passing both fast and slow. Each day seems to pass in a lazy fashion, la-de-dah, just strolling along. Yet it seems that the month should be further along, say the the 20th or 22nd. Instead, it’s only the 17th. Then, when I’m not paying attention, time just takes wing and flies off! Example: just a few moments ago, it was 9:00am, suddenly, it’s almost 12:30pm! A snail with wings. Sneaky little thing! Hey! There’s my image for my next PAC! Cool!

Well, I just uploaded pictures of my UN-Planner, week 1. I think it’s in Projects. I have to check on that.

Update: I couldn’t find away to make my post in my ‘portfolio’ visible to visitors, so I re-posted it above.