January: A Snail with Wings

A snail with wings? Let me explain…January is passing both fast and slow. Each day seems to pass in a lazy fashion, la-de-dah, just strolling along. Yet it seems that the month should be further along, say the the 20th or 22nd. Instead, it’s only the 17th. Then, when I’m not paying attention, time just takes wing and flies off! Example: just a few moments ago, it was 9:00am, suddenly, it’s almost 12:30pm! A snail with wings. Sneaky little thing! Hey! There’s my image for my next PAC! Cool!

Well, I just uploaded pictures of my UN-Planner, week 1. I think it’s in Projects. I have to check on that.

Update: I couldn’t find away to make my post in my ‘portfolio’ visible to visitors, so I re-posted it above.


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